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Chances are, you’re here because you want to make powerful content so you can reach more people and make an impact.


If you’re serious about getting your message out and expanding your reach, welcome to your home for content strategy tips, products, and services. This is where highly passionate, purpose-centered entrepreneurs come to get results once and for all.


It’s where Tonya came when she wanted to help hundreds of women break free from debt. The result? I helped her build an online challenge & community that attracted 2,500 women in 60 days where they paid off a total of $200,000 in debt.


It’s where Marsha came when she wanted to have a global reach on helping families eliminate financial struggles. The result? An online membership with hundreds of customers and visibility on national publications like Forbes, Essence, and NPR.

You’re in the wrong place if you’re not on fire about fulfilling your purpose.

We don’t play games when it comes to fulfilling our purpose around here. Until you step fully in your calling, there will be someone waiting for you to help them get unstuck. That’s why playing small is not an option. Fear is no longer an acceptable excuse to sit on the sidelines while you should be helping thousands through your very own content and products that will transform lives.

So, who am I?

I’m Maya, and I’ve been making bold moves in the name of purpose since 2008. I started out by designing custom Myspace pages when I was in college. Next thing I knew, I was telling people I was a web designer before I had ever created a website. When someone paid me hundreds of dollars for a website, guess what I did? I figured it out, made my client happy, and repeated the process. I’m a fan of doing what works and getting paid for it.

By 2012, I found myself dropping out of college to work for myself as a full-time designer. This was the scariest decision of my life, but I couldn’t help my audience at the capacity I wanted to while stressing about an overpriced  biology class I was going to fail for a second time.

In 2013, I started coaching and creating online curriculums for my one-on-one clients. I eventually eliminated design services, and since my humble beginnings, I’ve helped hundreds of clients and students build an online platform to make an impact in their industry. You can be next.

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