Your head is filled with so many ideas that you can’t stick with one long enough to actually expand on it. The confusion & indecision is paralyzing.

I’m here to give you the clarity and mental freedom necessary to finally move forward with your business ideas.

You’ve got more business ideas than you do business clarity, and so far, that’s gotten you nowhere.

You’re a creative or a visionary which means you have thousands of ideas floating around in your head. The problem is, all of your ideas are GREAT, so you’re not sure which one to start with or how to combine them. Being multi-skilled and multi-passionate can make it hard to pin down how to articulate what you’re best at. I get it. During these two 45-minute sessions, I’ll show you how to use your talent, passion, and purpose to build an impactful brand online.

It’s about time you got clarity on:

  • Your story and what makes it special
  • Your purpose and how to use it to build a credible brand
  • How to fuse your talent, passion and purpose into something profitable
  • Who you’re meant to BEST serve and what they really want from you
  • Paid products and services you should offer
  • The type of free content you should share with your audience
  • How to answer “what do you do” without tripping over your words

After our time together, you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate your message clearly
  • Come up with specific solutions that your audience wants
  • Incorporate your many ideas into a single brand


“Maya’s clarity calls are LIFE CHANGING! Before hiring her I lacked clarity and direction. I knew that I wanted to start a business, but I struggled turning my ideas and passions into products that aligned with my goals. I’ve had so much growth with my audience and clients. Maya really help me lay the foundation for the faith-infused coaching business I’ve started. Well worth the investment.”

Fatima Farmer,

“Before hiring Maya I was completely lost on the direction that I wanted to go with my business. The lack of clarity made it hard to produce consistent content and remain on brand. I kept tweaking my brand, but trying to do things on my own created even more of a mess! Less than two weeks after working with Maya, my website views have more than doubled, I grew my email list, and got my first client lead! These 2 powerful calls ended up giving me back my sanity!”




“I hired Maya because I felt like I was in a never ending circle of trying to figure out which direction I wanted to take to make my hobby to start my business. She gave me clarity and structure to move forward with creating products and services. It feels good to no longer feel frustrated or like I’m a hamster on a wheel.”

Felicia Blaise,

“Working with Maya as a sounding board was extremely helpful. I feel so much more clear with the direction of my business! After 2 and a half years (NO LIE!!!) of working on my website, my developer and I were able to complete it in less than a month because of the clarity Maya provided. I’ve grown my email list, increased engagement on my social media, and I’ve had daily inquiries for people wanting to work with me. I can’t wait to work with Maya again!”



Ready To Work Together? 

The endless back and forth on your ideas is costing you big time! You deserve to feel confident about moving forward with your online business. In two powerful sessions, you’ll have the clarity you need to move forward and start reaching the right people.

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