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I’m so excited you want to connect with me! The best way to get in touch is to fill out the form below or write assist@mayaelious.com. We read almost every message (see FAQ tab for more) and do our best to respond within 48 business hours. Generally, we work Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm Eastern US Time. If you don’t hear back within 72 hours, feel free to follow up.

Please keep your email concise and to the point (less than three paragraphs.) Need business advice? Check out the blog, join my free Facebook group, or let’s work together! Just want to send some love or a testimonial? YAYYY! Fan mail makes my heart sing and gives me the energy I need to keep giving you free content.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve sent more than one email but haven’t heard back. Why hasn’t anyone responded?

Thanks so much for your email! We receive almost 100 emails per day. To keep things simple, we only read and (sometimes) respond to emails that address me by name and are less than 3 small paragraphs. If your email falls within those parameters but you still haven’t heard back, get in touch with us via the free Facebook group here. We’re here to support your growth, and most times email is not the best platform for us to do that!

I’d love to interview Maya for my blog, podcast, or other project. Is she available?

I’m so glad you’re interested in getting me in front of your audience! I do not do blog interviews that require me to type long responses in which I’m practically writing your article for you. I do, however, love podcast interviews. If you have a podcast with at least 5,000 monthly plays/downloads and a primary audience of millenials who want to build their brand or online business, please fill out the contact form or email assist@mayaelious.com with more details.

I think my product or service would be a great fit for Maya’s audience. Is she currently doing affiliate partnerships?

I love collaborating with other experts, content creators, and influencers! Because I have a responsibility to my audience as an influencer, I am extremely particular about the collaborations I do. If we don’t have an existing relationship or you haven’t worked with a fellow colleague, I will have to decline your offer. Reach out to me so we can get to know each other more and see if there’s any chemistry!

I’m interested in working with Maya 1-on-1, but I can’t afford the investment right now. Do you offer payment plans?

I’m so excite that you want to work with me on a more intimate level. We don’t currently offer payment plans for any of our products or services under $500. If you’re looking for results, but you have a small budget, check out our products and masterclasses. Alternatively, you can save for a few months, and I’ll be ready for you when you book your first session!

I’m trying to figure out which product, masterclass, or coaching package is best for me. Can I call Maya and explain where I am in business?

It means a lot to me that you’re looking to make an investment in yourself through my offerings. Here’s what you can do:

  • Reach out to me on Twitter or my Facebook Group about where you are in business + the product(s) you’re thinking of purchasing. Most people in my Facebook Group have purchased from me before and can give you some insight on where to start!
  • Send me an email letting me know what you’re currently struggling with in business + the product(s) you’re thinking of purchasing. We’ll be happy to give you some insight on where to start!
  • If you’re considering hiring me as a coach, send us an email with any questions you have. If we’re not able to provide enough clarity via email, one of my team members will hop on a quick call with you to help you decide whether or not one-on-one coaching is a good fit!

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Short Bio

Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist, coach and speaker that teaches content creators how to strategize, organize, and monetize their online business. She shares hundreds of blog posts and resources for entrepreneurs looking for clarity and strategy to build a profitable online brand through her website, Mayaelious.com.

When she’s not helping her clients build a digital empire, she can be found binge watching shows on Netflix & Hulu.

Long Bio

Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist that teaches content creators and experts how to strategize, organize, and monetize their online business.

She creates online courses and coaching programs with a focus on teaching her students how to create a magnetic message and captivating content that’s aligned with their purpose so they can build a powerful, meaningful online presence.

Through her blog MayaElious.com, she shares dozens of blog posts and resources that help experts curate content and products that will help them make money online.

She enjoys sharing her story about transitioning into a full-time entrepreneur with young professionals and aspiring businesswomen to help them reach their life and career goals. She does this by speaking, writing, coaching, and hosting workshops about branding, strategy and personal development.

When she’s not helping her clients take over the world, she can be found traveling, tweeting, or Netflixing.