I'm going to teach you the strategies to

promote, pitch & profit!

Because money is a tool to your freedom.

Join The #GetPaidChallenge!

(Money is important. We can stop acting like it's not.)

Determine How Much...

$500? $1,000? $1,500? More?

How Will You Get It?

I'll tell you EXACTLY how!

Basically, this Free Challenge will help you:

1. Set Your What

How much money do you want to make within the next 45 days? Be realistic, but choose a number that scares you. Only rule is, it has to be over $500. I'll tell you my money goal in the first email.

2. Find Your Who

Even when we're "self-paid" we're not really self paid. The money has to come from someone. I'll help you determine your "who" so we can go find them. I'll tell you my who in the first email.

3. Execute The How

Just so you know, in order to get paid, you're gonna have to ask for money. I know, shocker! I'm gonna tell you how to promote & pitch your products & services. I'll share some of the EXACT strategies I've used.

I wanna get paid!