If you’re reading this blog post, you’re either thinking of starting your online business or trying to get it to the next level. And whether you’re a dreamer, doer, or driver, you want to be able to make the right investments to help you grow.

It may be $10 for your domain, or $250 for a logo or $125 for a photo shoot.

But lately the new “craze” that’s being pushed to you has been online courses, mine included. It can be intimidating seeing the prices of these courses because the price ranges are so random.



3 payments of $57

$249… until midnight. Then the price goes up to $5,295. (whet?!)

It seems scary, random and nearly forced down your throat at times. I get it. That’s why I want to tell you the things you need to consider when investing in your business education.

But before that, I just want to say that I do think it’s important to invest in your business education at ALL levels. It helps you with things like understanding what to post on social media, or how to look in a photo shoot or what your logo should really look like. It helps you to avoid wasted time, energy, and money on things you wish you knew how to do properly in the first place.

So what should you think about when you’re considering making an investment that you want to be beneficial?

  •  COST SHOULD BE THE VERY LAST DETERMINING FACTOR. I’m sorry, but it should. We get so caught up in cost that we lose sight of the value. You either want something or you don’t. If you “kinda, sorta, it would be nice to have” want something, you don’t really want it.
  • You need to be very clear on what’s valuable to you. This is how you ensure you don’t get pressured into buying things you have no desire for. This is why cost should never be your primary determining factor. How many things have you purchased because it was “only $____.” That’s not how to make smart buying decisions.

Allow me to use a non-business investment as an example. Let’s say you want to lose weight. Great! There’s probably a million resources on how to do so!

In fact, you can figure out how to lose weight for free through Google. The only problem is:

  • Are you even searching for the right things? 🤔
  • Have the free resources gotten you the results you want? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Are you willing to postpone your results to figure it out on your own? 🤔

To see how really valuable something is to you, ask yourself “On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is this to me? How will it change my life for the better?”

Remember that there’s always a deeper desire to what you REALLY want. Yeah, sure, losing weight is great. But you don’t want to just lose weight, you want to be healthy so you can:

  • Chase your kids around the backyard
  • Walk around the amusement park this summer without getting exhausted
  • Feel confident in your clothes again
  • Stop skipping out on beach vacations with your friends because of insecurity
  • Avoid buying a new wardrobe of bigger clothes

^^^ What you really desire is the value that you’re investing in. THAT is what you need to think about when investing. The more valuable, the higher the investment (most times).

NOW you can focus on price. If you find more than one product/service/course that can both give you the desired result you’re looking for then your final determining factor be based on price.

So here’s what a price break down would generally look like for [business] education:

  • $0 – $99 — General ideas on how to get to your desired result. Usually not one CLEAR strategy. You better have a TON of will power to do it on your own. Or it’s a specific strategy to a small section of getting your desired result.
  • $100 – $399 — More step-by-step instructions on how to get to your desired result. May or may not come with accountability.
  • $400+ Should give you exactly what you want. An exact how-to and game plan.
  • $2,000+ Should damn near be done for you. Doesn’t require as much of your time as the other investments because someone else is handling it for me.
(Results may very, obviously)

For example if you want to learn how to run a business full-time, a product from $0 – $99 may teach you how to make Facebook ads. It’s good information, but you’ll still be missing the other elements it takes to run a full-time business. It’s really a matter of “do I want more information or do I want to see a transformation?

Now this isn’t a blog post on why you should be spending thousands of dollars in your business. It’s a blog post about should you be spending $55 on something that you’re just buying SIMPLY because it’s only $55 or because you think it will be supplemental to your growth? It’s a blog post about should you invest in a $199 masterclass now or wait 3-6 months to save and invest in the coaching that you’ve really wanted. I want you to avoid cutting corners and wasting money when it comes to your dreams.

So then what do you do if you aren’t one of those people who have $400+ just sitting around to be invested. Save, perhaps? Maybe a sacrifice or two? Is the monthly premium cable package worth your ultimate life desire? If not, get rid of it.

And if you really reeeeally cannot invest, build up your will power to invest a lot of time and energy into your goal(s). I always say “if you don’t have the money then you better have the time.” And in the mean time, continue saving. That’s the key. I’ve seen plenty of people who have been plugging away for YEARS with little results because they didn’t save money while putting in the time.

Let me cut to the chase.

And do not take offense to this. Poverty and wealth are not based on financial success.

A poverty mindset is believing that you do not deserve things of value so you consistently settle for less.

A wealthy mindset is believing that you deserve the absolute best and you’re willing to work hard to attain it.

When you make large investments in yourself, people will try to shame you for it because not many people have a wealthy mindset. You’ll hear things like “Why would you spend $XXX on this when you can just get it for $X?” Additionally, people will not see the value in things you deem valuable.

Most people would rather have more things that are cheap instead of less things that are of quality. Which do you value more, quality or quantity?

And lastly…

Investing in yourself is a way for you to hold yourself accountable. When’s the last time you accomplished something that didn’t require a sacrifice?

The thing is, it takes WORK to get to our desired result. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be that desirable. Trust me when I say I want a booty more than I want to do squats. But guess what? I pay my trainer too much to not do those squats. But if I had only looked up cute Pinterest workouts for free, squatting would be optional. There would be no sacrifice or accountability involved.

We naturally do not value things that are free or that don’t require a sacrificed. We look at free information as optional tasks instead of required action steps to see results.

For the days when it’s tough, that investment will be the kick in your butt.

Your dreams are worth investing in.

For the content creators in my tribe who have been eyeing my offerings…

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