The blinking cursor on your blank Google Doc is driving you crazy.

3 hours and 12 new tabs later, you’ve been down the dark hole of watching cat videos and scrolling through Facebook, but you still have no blog post written.

All the tiny details of content creation are keeping you from connecting with your audience faster.

It took you 2 weeks to get out one mediocre blog post that got zero engagement, now you’re ready to pack up shop and start a normal life back at your cubicle.

Stop getting yourself into these “God-I-need-a-miracle-and-I-need-it-NOW” situations.

You don’t need a miracle. You need a strategy.


Prep 2 Publish

Tailored Content Strategy To Bridge The Gap Between You & Your Audience

Get back to the heart of what matters to you most.

In the time it takes you to brainstorm, create, and publish your next post, we can have your entire 90 day strategy outlined and prepped.


“Maya helped me create my launch strategy and flush all of the necessary details to successfully roll out my challenge and community. In just 60 days, I had over 2,500 people sign up for my debt repayment challenge and with over $200,000 in debt paid off amongst my community!”

Tonya Rapley – My Fab Finance & #BanishTheBalance Debt Repayment Challenge

Never look at a blank Google Doc again.

Get a done for you content strategy that will help you publish better content faster.


What goes inside of a content strategy?

Often times people hear “content strategy” and think of a bunch of random ideas written down of what they plan to do. But with Prep 2 Publish, I’m here to take you from ideation to execution. Your content strategy is so much more than a quick brainstorming session or sporadically hitting publish on a post.

Your content strategy is about who you want to speak to, the message you want to deliver to them, what you want to sell, and the execution plan to communicate with them consistently without dropping the ball. It’s time for you to have meaningful conversations through relevant content platforms with the people that are eager to hear [and buy] from you.

Based on your feedback, I’ll fill up your editorial calendar with the most relevant content types, create a systemic approach for you to publish content consistently, and develop a plan for your next big project. As your content strategist, my job is to help you earn more traffic, build better relationships with your audience, and ultimately attract more paying customers.

Itching to get started? Keep scrolling.

Time is a commodity that you shouldn’t to waste on overthinking your next lead magnet.

Let’s team up to engage, educate, and inspire your audience through your ideas.

“Maya is excellent at being able to see the big picture without getting overwhelmed. She’s the perfect person to hire for setting up content strategy and systems before bringing on a content marketing team. I wish we would’ve had access to her when our content was all over the place.”

Darrell – Business Development & Growth, ConvertKit


Why do you need a content strategy?

You have clarity in your talents and purpose, and you know you’re great at what you do. You just need a strategic plan so everyone else knows, too. You’re ready to get noticed online and in front of fans who know, like, and trust you. Creating excellent content is going to change how you’re perceived online.

Grow your following, build your email list, and create your next profitable product.

How It Works

In 6 impactful sessions, you’ll tell me all your ideas, I’ll help you strategize and flesh them out, and then I’ll organize your ideas into a customized Google Drive that will serve as your own personal “hub” to create. By the end of our time together, you will have a perfectly organized content publishing schedule with all of your content outlined. This will ultimately help you achieve your marketing goals by creating content consistently to attract and grow your audience.


1. Establish Clear Goals

Our first session together is your chance to finally brain dump all of your ideas and ask any questions to help you get clarity. It’s my job to sift through all of your ideas and eliminate the ones that are misaligned with your vision. We’ll discuss how you you want to be seen online, the type of audience you want to attract, your core offering(s), and where you’d like to see your brand in 90 days.

2. Develop A Strategy

Based on your vision, we’ll create a strategy that establishes the ideas/topics that should be discussed, the content types that need to be created, the platforms where they should be published, and how often you plan to publish. The objective here is to make sure we only plan content that will engage, inspire, and educate your audience. During this call I’ll start building the shell of your “content hub” via Google Drive.


3. Prep Your Content

Once the content topics, types, and platforms are decided, we’ll go over the main points you want to discuss in each content type. Each piece of content will have it’s own outlined document for you to go in and complete once you’re ready to work on it. I’ll also build your finalized editorial calendar for you to access your outlined documents easily. This process will take two sessions.

4. Schedule For Publish

By this call, I’ll have your content prepped and scheduled. We’ll go over the execution strategy for the days you’ll create, proofread, publish, and promote your content. The goal here is for you to get quality content developed and published faster. At the end of this phase, you should have batched content prepped, scheduled, and ready to go live.

Follow Up: (1) 60-minute review and strategy call. 30 Days of Priority Email Support.

Deliverables: Completed editorial calendar, outlined templates and processes, delegation checklists, and launch calendar.

Investment – $1,997

*Payment plans available


Some people think of me as a miracle worker.
Others know me as a strategist.

I’m formally known as Maya. Brands and experts hire me to organize on all the distracting details of content strategy so they can focus on perfecting their craft, connecting with their audience, and generating sales.

Simply put, I want you to concentrate more on making an impact with your audience and less on what your next webinar should be about.

“Maya has been with me since the beginning. She helped me launch my online brand and membership program that reaches hundreds of women globally. She took my vision, ideas, and goals, and built out a strategy to see everything to fruition. Since the launch, I’ve been on national publications like Forbes, Essence, NPR, and Black Enterprise which has allowed me to talk to the world about what I’m most passionate about.”

Marsha Barnes – The Finance Bar


The Deliverables

After our time together, you’ll have everything you need to grow your brand and deliver quality content consistently. You’ll have access to all your resources, templates, and guides through a customized Google Drive folder.

Launch Calendar

We’ll plan a launch campaign that outlines everything you need to build a buzz for your next big project.


Content Templates & Processes

Receive an outline of every blog post, webinar presentation, landing page, etc. included in your launch strategy.


Audit Sheet & Report

Get an audit report on how to optimize existing content for better conversions.


Editorial Calendar

Plan out content that helps you build your business in between launches so your growth is never stagnant.


I Specialize In Strategy & Content Development For:


Social Media Campaigns


Blog Posts That Convert


Online Course Curriculum


Daily or Weekly Email Challenges


Live or Pre-Recorded Webinars




Virtual Summits or Conferences


Free Guides & Whitepapers


“I earned my entire investment back within the first month of hiring Maya! I told her exactly what I was trying to do and she helped me design the coaching packages and come up with blog posts that convert readers into buyers. She pointed out things I would’ve overlooked and helped me plan down to the tiniest details. Aside from getting sales from pre-launching my eCourse, I booked my first high-end client. Hiring Maya was worth every penny.”

Fiona Benjamin – Virtual Assistant,

"Maya’s just a damn good coach! Before hiring Maya I was feeling totally lost and a lot of pressure. I was all over the place with information overload which made it impossible for me execute any ideas. The best part of working with Maya is that I FINALLY created a product that I could offer to my audience. I had tears in my eyes when I finalized my product because it finally felt real to me. My only regret was not contacting her sooner."

Debbie Rodrigues - Productivity Coach,


It’s your time to finally make an impact and income with your ideas.

Let’s do this.