100 Life Goals I’d like to accomplish in 10 years (by June 18, 2025 on my 35th birthday.) I am writing these goals at age 24 on February 18, 2014.


1. Attend a business or blogging conference. [DONE] = Speak For Pay by Marshawn Evans,Be Blogalicious, Alt Summit
2. Speak at a business or blogging conference. [DONE] = Be Blogalicious Conference, Alt Summit
3. Create an online course or program. [DONE] = courses.mayaelious.com
4. Read The 4 Hour Work Week.
5. Create an ebook. [DONE] 6. Write and publish a book.
7. Host a vision board event. [DONE] 8. Host a paid in person workshop. [DONE] 9. Mentor a college student. [DONE] 10. Purchase an iMac. [DONE] 11. Purchase a MacBook. [DONE] 12. Meditate/Pray regularly for at least 21 days. [DONE] 13. Attend a Mardi Gras festival.
14. Start an affiliate network of primary entrepreneurs of color.
15. Meet Regina Anaejionu [DONE] 16. Create/continue a meaningful relationship with God.[DONE] 17. Start a successful business with a close friend.
18. Host a webinar. [DONE] 19. Read #GIRLBOSS [DONE] 20. Own a space for creatives to work out of.
21. Take a selfie with someone famous. [DONE] 22. Go surfing, snowboarding and/or skiing.
23. Revamp my entire wardrobe. [DONE] 24. Take a random road trip with no planned destination.
25. Attend an award show. [DONE] = 2015 & 2016 BET Awards
26. Attend a silent disco party. [DONE]



1. Save 8 months of expenses in an Emergency Fund.
2. Pay off all credit cards. [DONE] 3. Open up a Roth IRA Investment Account.
4. Pay off student loan by 2018.
5. Pay off car by end of 2017.
6. Have a positive net worth. [DONE] 7. Have a credit score above 720.
8. Create multiple streams of income. [DONE] 9. Save $1,000. [DONE] 10. Save $5,000. [DONE] 11. Save $10,000.
12. Save $25,000.
13. Save $50,000.
14. Save $100,000.
15. Save $500,000.
16. Become a millionaire by 30.


1. Become a personal branding consultant. [DONE] 2. Create an informational eBook. [DONE] 3. Create an online course for bloggers and online business owners. [DONE] 4. Build and pay a team of at least 2 people. [DONE] 5. Generate $100,000 in revenue in a single year with courses.
6. Generate $30,000 in revenue in a single year with coaching.
7. Purchase an office space for Maya Elious brand.
8. Incorporate my company. [DONE] = Incorporated BRNDWCH, LLC in 2014.
9. Help a client double their revenue. [DONE] 10.Start a subscription-based company. [DONE]



1. Go on a girl’s trip with my sister, niece and mom.
2. Go on a family trip with husband, parents and sister’s family.
3. Visit Liberia, West Africa.
4. Visit Miami, Florida. [DONE] 5. Visit Hawaii.
6. Visit Mexico.
7. Visit any poor country.
8. Visit Mall of America.
9. Visit Europe.
10. Visit the city of Dubai.
11. Visit New York City. [DONE] 12. Take a cruise.
13. Take a trip out west. [DONE]


1. Sponsor a child.
2. Sponsor a family.
3. Fund a teenager’s way through college.
4. Buy a car for single mother with kids.
5. Create a foundation to fund a cause in West Africa.


1. Financially support my grandma. [DONE] 2. Marry a sexy, God-fearing man. [HARDER THAN I THOUGHT, lol] 3. Support a younger cousin – no questions asked. [DONE] 4. Give birth to a healthy son or daughter.
5. Pay off enough of my parent’s debt so my mom can retire.
6. Help plan and prepare an occasion for my parents. [DONE] 7. Start a successful business with my mom and/or sister.
8. Start a successful business with my husband.


1. Complete a 7 day cleanse. [DONE] 2. Run a 5k. [DONE] 3. Run a half marathon.
4. Be a vegetarian for a month. [DONE] 5. Refrain from eating Fast Food for 6 months
6. Get a full-body massage. [DONE] 7. Drink only water for 3 months.
8. Participate in a full marathon.
9. Become a morning jogger. [DONE]

Skill set


1. Become a brand consultant. [DONE] 2. Become a speaker. [DONE] = I’ve spoken at a conference and a colleges on career development.
3. Become a graphic designer. [DONE] = Officially began designing for clients on Fall 2008 & ended Summer of 2015.
4. Become a life coach. [KINDA] 5. Become a god mom. [DONE] = My goddaughter Bella was born March 27, 2014.
6. Learn how to pole dance. [KINDA] 7. Become an angel investor.
8. Become a photographer. [DONE] = I only shoot for close friends or clients.

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