Reach THOUSANDS of People
From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

You’ve built a career around transforming the lives of others. You’ve established yourself as an expert and people pay you good money to hear your ideas.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to do. You get to help people improve their lives by using your voice and sharing your message.

But there’s one problem. Your impact is limited.

Your reach only goes as far as the number of chairs that fit in a room.

The only way to touch more people is to duplicate yourself. And let’s be real, you can only be in one place at a time. You would have to stretch yourself thin to help just a few more.

You’ve officially hit a plateau.

So how will you take your impact to the next level when the limits of time and space are working against you?

You’ve heard about taking your message online but not being tech savvy has kept you from jumping in.

A few Google searches later, you see experts in your same industry duplicating their success by sharing their message on digital platforms like blogs, coaching programs, courses, and webinars.

That, my friend, is called content marketing. And it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

With an online platform, you can share your message with THOUSANDS from the comfort of your home.

Can you make this a reality?

Selling your expertise online with a content strategy is a whole new world, with a whole different language, and whole different way of doing things.

But who’s got time to learn a whole new realm of business?! If only you knew where to start…

What if you didn’t have to start from square one? What if you had an expert who’s mastered the system to help you get started?

Yes, establishing your expertise online takes time, but you don’t have to do it alone.

All you need is an expert in content marketing and making money online to create a strategy that will work for YOU.

“Maya helped me create my launch strategy and flush all of the necessary details to successfully roll out my challenge and community. In just 60 days, I had over 2,500 people sign up for my debt repayment challenge and with over $200,000 in debt paid off amongst my community!”

Tonya Rapley – My Fab Finance & #BanishTheBalance Debt Repayment Challenge


Make an impact without the constraints of room capacity limits

You’ve built a business from sharing your expertise. But the reality of time and space means that you can only help so many people at once. The internet has created countless of opportunities for you to share your message and reach more people at once. But you need a solid strategy to make online content marketing a success.

That’s where Amplify Your Impact strategy coaching comes in. You’ll get a tailored strategy that repurposes your existing talks, programs, and workshops and turns them into online content that can have an amplified reach.

I’m Maya.
I’ve been making money online since 2008.

I know how to work the internet with my eyes closed. No, really… I make money while I sleep. And at this stage in your expertise, you should be too.

See, I started out simply: I designed custom Myspace pages. Yeah, sounds basic. But that simple start evolved into a full-blown web design business. I was learning so much, so I started a blog that shared my experiences as young business owner. People loved it.

Before I knew it, my blog readers and design clients were asking me to be their business coach so they could learn how to run their own online businesses. And all I did was share my expertise online. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since those humble beginnings, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of clients and students build an online platform to make an impact in their industry. I would love nothing more than for you be next.

I’ve mastered the online space, and I want to help you do the same.

“Maya has been with me since the beginning. She helped me launch my online brand and membership program that reaches hundreds of women globally. She took my vision, ideas, and goals, and built out a strategy to see everything to fruition. Since the launch, I’ve been on national publications like Forbes, Essence, NPR, and Black Enterprise which has allowed me to talk to the world about what I’m most passionate about.”

Marsha Barnes – The Finance Bar


Increase the lifetime of your knowledge.

Online content – such as articles, memberships, workshops, and courses,  – has the chance of staying visible for a much longer period of time than offline content.

I Specialize In Strategy & Content Development For:


Social Media Campaigns


Blog Posts That Convert


Online Course Curriculum


Daily or Weekly Email Challenges


Live or Pre-Recorded Webinars




Virtual Summits or Conferences


Free Guides & Whitepapers


“Maya is excellent at being able to see the big picture without getting overwhelmed. She’s the perfect person to hire for setting up content strategy and systems before bringing on a content marketing team. I wish we would’ve had access to her when our content was all over the place.”

Darrell – Business Development & Growth, ConvertKit

Is this right for you?

This is for you if:


You’re clear on your messaging and expertise


You want a customized strategy so you can expand your message further


You’d rather hire an expert for help instead of waste time with trial and error


You don’t have the time to set up a whole new system from scratch

This is not for you if:


You’re unclear on your expertise


Investing in your business doesn’t make sense to you


You haven’t attempted to create content for your business


You’re just starting to think about going online from offline

How it works


1. Establish Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

We’ll talk about things like the type of people you want to attract and how you want to be seen & positioned. I’ll make a formal note of where you are now online and we’ll set goals like list-size, product creation, income, etc. based on where you’d like to be in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. We’ll also discuss how you’re currently making money with your knowledge offline and how we can maximize that in the online space.

2. Strategize Your Content Game Plan

We’ll decide on the content types you need to create and the platforms you need to be on based on your niche, industry, audience, and competition. The overall goal is to help position your expertise online, generate new leads, and make you money. We’ll also take a look at your existing content to see what can be repurposed and what new ideas should come to light.


3. Plan & Prep Your High-Quality Content

Once the content topics, types, and platforms are decided, we’ll have two sessions where I ask you simple questions about your expertise so I can extract existing knowledge and outline your content for you. I’ll build your finalized editorial calendar where you can access your outlined documents easily. You’ll have your own Content Hub via Google Drive so every single time you’re ready to create something new, your content will already be prepped in a document for you with an outline of the main points you need to hit to be most effective when published. This process is designed to save you time while creating high-quality content.

4. Creating Your Publishing & Promotion System

By this you should have enough content to go live. We’ll go over the execution strategy for the days you’ll create, proofread, publish, and promote your content so you have a streamlined system to get quality content developed and published faster. After implementing your strategy, we’ll have a follow up call after 45 days and 90 days to see measure the results of our strategy and see what we should focus. You’ll still have access to me through priority email support during this time.

“Before working with Maya, I was struggling to commit to a content calendar. I would waste countless hours being indecisive and feeling uncertain about what I wanted to share with my audience. After working with Maya, not only do I have a clear content calendar mapped out – with exact content topics and titles nailed down – but I also feel confident that my new content plan aligns with the bigger vision of my business. I know that my content is valuable, high quality, and helping my community. I was blown away after my meeting with Maya!

Megan Minns – Systems Strategist & Productivity Expert


The Amplify Your Impact Sessions Include:

6 x 60 minute bi-weekly coaching sessions over the next 3 months


Your personalized content hub with inside of Google Drive with content templates & checklists

Your 90-day editorial calendar plan with high-value content

Priority e-mail support for up to 30 days after our time together

Access to all of my online training videos, workshops, and resources

Audit report to help you measure and track your continued growth


Easy Payment Plan:

$997 down payment

+ 4 monthly payments of $325

Easy Payment Plan:

Save 15% by paying in full:


What would it cost you not to take you business online? What would it be like if you could earn thousands more dollars per month without having to fly across the country, stay in a hotel, and speaking to a limited audience?

Interested but want to set up a quick call to make sure I’m your fit? Book a discovery call with me today!

I’m committed to your success.

I stand fully behind my work and truly believe that through our work together, you’ll get the results you’re after.

But if you attend all 6 sessions and implement the strategy we created, and are not satisfied with the results you’re getting by the end of our 90 days together, I’ll provide you with 2 Strategy & Implementation sessions (a $699 value) free of charge.

My goal is to ensure that you get the results we discussed in our first call. So you can purchase with confidence knowing that even if it takes a little longer than planned, you WILL get the right results.


“I earned my entire investment back within the first month of hiring Maya! I told her exactly what I was trying to do and she helped me design the coaching packages and come up with blog posts that convert readers into buyers. She pointed out things I would’ve overlooked and helped me plan down to the tiniest details. Aside from getting sales from pre-launching my eCourse, I booked my first high-end client. Hiring Maya was worth every penny.”

Fiona Benjamin – Virtual Assistant,

Are you ready to dominate in the online space?

With the power of content, you can reach thousands of people with your message from the comfort of your home

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