5 Ways to Boost Newsletter Subscribers Before Your Next Launch

Now, you all know that when it comes to online business, email is currency. The people that are on your email list are primed to buy from you. For one, your have their permission to get in their inbox, for another, they already like what you have to offer. So when you’re about to launch something big, you need to make sure that your email list is thriving and healthy. Because the more warm leads you have, the more conversions you’re likely to get. So before you launch your next big thing, it’s important to boost your newsletter subscribers to maximize your conversion potential.

More newsletter subscribers = More possible conversions.

Before I give you my tips to boost your newsletter subscribers, I want to make one thing clear:  a huge list means nothing if those people aren’t warm to your message or don’t love what you have to offer. If you want a healthy and thriving email list, it should be filled with people that love your message. There are people with a list size of 400 that do better than people with a list size of 3,000+.

So how do you build a healthy and thriving email list?

First, you have to give them value, consistently. Get in their inbox and give them actionable information that will help them solve or accomplish something. This is how you earn their trust. (People need to trust you before they feel like they can invest with you.)

Maya’s Tip: Get in your subscriber’s inbox regularly. Send out a weekly newsletter so that your message and offerings stay at the forefront of their mind.

Second, build a big list of fans. And now, what you’ve been waiting for:

5 Ways to Boost Your Newsletter Subscribers To Have More Warm Leads for Your Next Launch

1. Create an online challenge and promote it to your social media followers

Online challenges have been a great way for me to build a lot of engagement with my community. They have the potential to get lots of shares and draw new eyes to your content and your message.

Some things to consider when creating your challenge:

  • You can organize a challenge that’s 3, 7, or 14 days that ties into your next launch. So basically the challenge needs to be somehow associated with your product. I don’t advise doing an email challenge beyond 14 days.
  • Challenges should be results driven and broken into bite-size goals. Don’t make it anything that will make your registrants feel like theylead’re falling behind. If people don’t feel like they got results from your free challenge, they won’t feel like they can get results from your paid product.

  • Promote it heavily on social media using branded graphics and live video, like Periscope and Facebook Live.
  • Here are some good ideas for challenges:
    • 14 Days To Better Arms/Abs/Legs/Calves
    • 7 Days To A Better Relationship
    • 3 Days To Better Meal Planning
    • 14 Days To A Better Instagram Account
    • 7 Days To Capture Your Next Lead
    • 3 Days To Creating A Better About Page
    • 14 Days To More Facebook Fans
    • 7 Days To A More Organized Business
    • 3 Days To A Clutter-Free Home

Maya’s tip: After this free challenge, gather some testimonials. You can use these on the sales page for your new product. This is a great way to get testimonials before you ever sell anything.

Your turn: What’s something specific, small, and important, you can help your audience in a few (3, 5, 7, or 14) steps?

2. Host a webinar on a topic related to your next launch

Hosting a webinar can help you build trust with your audience. There’s no faster way to make a connection online than with live video. People get to see your face and interact with you in a shorter time frame than any other form of online communication. It’s the closest thing to having access to you in person. Webinars are a really good platform to touch on your story.  Your story bridges a connection between what your audience is looking for and what you have to offer. After sharing your story, make sure that you give an excellent training, that way they’ll trust your expertise.

How to plan a webinar:

  • Choose a topic that ties in with your next launch (make sure it’s something that you can fully cover within 40-mins), create an outline of your talking points and create a timeline complete with time slots for introductions and a Q&A.
  • Read: How much content goes inside a webinar? I wrote an extensive post on how to plan and host a webinar. It gives you sample topics, time breakdowns, and a sample webinar outline.
  • Webinar ideas:
    • Virtual Workshop: Getting Started With [Specific Goal or Tool]
    • Free Workshop: How To Become More Successful With [Specific Goal]
    • Live Training: 3 Essential Strategies To [Desired Result]

Maya’s tip: Partner with someone in a complementary niche with the same target audience to host your webinar with. This will also give you access to a broader audience.

Your turn: What topic can you discuss and teach in a webinar? Who can you partner with to host a webinar?

5 ways to boost your newsletter subscribers before your next launch

3. Create and Incorporate Content Upgrades in your Blog Posts

Why: A content upgrade is just an “upgraded” version of your blog post. It’s a freebie you offer that’s specific to your post’s topic and enhances the information you just gave them. Integrating content upgrades is a way to get a steady stream of subscribers on your list.

How to Integrate Content Upgrades:

  • This is a tip I got from Mariah Coz, of Femtrepreneur: Add content upgrades to your 5 most read posts first.
  • Hop onto Google Analytics and login to your analytics dashboard, scroll down to “Behavior” then click “Overview”. You’ll see which posts get the most visits.
  • Content upgrade ideas:
    • A downloadable meal plan
    • A list of your favorite resources
    • A cheatsheet for accomplishing [Desired Result]
    • A template to create X thing
    • A swipe copy file for social media posts
    • A worksheet for reaching [Specific Goal]
    • A planning sheet

Maya’s tip: Don’t have time to create a freebie for each blog post? A simple content upgrade could just be a PDF version of your post for people to read offline while on the go. This is only good if you write long-form posts. Doing this for a 500-word blog post is silly.

Your turn: Which 2 posts can you immediately integrate content upgrades for? What can you create that won’t take too much time?


4. Get in front of a new audience

Getting in front of a new audience gives you the opportunity to reach people you haven’t reached before that want what you offer, but didn’t know where to find you. It’s a chance for you to get you in front of a fresh set of eyes (or ears) of people that can become loyal fans.

How to get in front of a new audience:

  • Reach out to bloggers, websites in your niche, and even news sites and ask for the opportunity to guest blog. My client gained 250+ new subscribers in less than a week by guest blogging on a popular site.
  • Reach out to people who publish podcasts and like to highlight people in different fields (or specifically your field) and request an interview. I love doing podcast interviews because it’s a way for me to discuss my brand and tell a new audience about myself and any freebies I have. I can also talk a little bit about my launch.

Maya’s tip: Facebook groups are a great place to network and find guest blogging and interview opportunities. Want to be surrounded by passionate content creators? Join The Content Club, an engaged and interactive community that discusses content creation.

5. Get People to talk about how good your emails are

When you add your personality and provide valuable information that helps people accomplish something, they can’t help but talk about it and spread the word. And when you help someone out, they start having feelings for you. Not the romantic kind, obviously… hopefully… And when you touch someone’s emotions, you become memorable.

The strategies to getting people to talk about how good your newsletter is:

  • Show your personality. I like putting quotes, memes, gifs and hashtags in my emails so people talk about it on social media.
  • Create a special landing page for them to arrive on. Mine is mayaelious.com/newsletter.
  • Make it easy for them to share. Embed a “click to tweet” quote that link to your special newsletter sign up page.

Regardless of which method(s) you use, share your the link to your newsletter sign up page everywhere. Use it in your social media bios and pin a link to your Twitter and Facebook posts so people can see it everywhere. Want to be part of the #MayaMilitia? Join us!

What do you do after someone joins your newsletter? Grab this free template of what to send them immediately!

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