You’re way overdue for making money online.

It’s time you expand your reach and establish your expertise. All you need is my easy-to-implement strategy to get it going.

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You’re here because you’re ready to publish powerful content that reaches more people.


Experts come to me when they’re ready to make a larger impact in the online space.


It’s where Tonya came when she wanted to help hundreds of women break free from debt. The result? I helped her build an online challenge & community that attracted 2,500 women in 60 days where they paid off a total of $200,000 in debt.


It’s where Marsha came when she wanted to have a global reach on helping families eliminate financial struggles. The result? An online membership with hundreds of customers and visibility on national publications like Forbes, Essence, and NPR.

So, who am I?


I’m Maya, and I’ve been making money online since 2008.

I know how to work the internet with my eyes closed. No, really… I make money while I sleep. And at this stage in your expertise, you should be too.

I started out by designing custom Myspace pages when I was in college. Next thing I knew, I was telling people I was a web designer before I had ever created a website. When someone paid me hundreds of dollars for a website, guess what I did? I figured it out, made my client happy, and repeated the process. I’m a fan of doing what works and getting paid for it.

By 2012, I dropped out of college to work for myself as a full-time designer. It was the scariest decision of my life. But I knew that if I didn’t take that leap I wouldn’t make the impact   I knew I could make for my audience.

In 2013, I eventually eliminated design services and started coaching and creating online curriculum for one-on-one clients. Since my humble beginning, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of clients and students build an online platform to make an impact in their industry. Will you be next?

How can I help you with your online journey?


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