July 2015 Blogger Income Report

Hey, there! If this is your first time stumbling across my income reports, please start with January 2015 to see why I’m doing this and how I plan to break each month down.

Each month I would like to share:

  • How much I earned
  • How many payments I received (Ex: 10 payments for 5 projects instead of 47 flyer design payments)
  • How much I spent/invested
  • What I spent it on (resources)
  • What I learned
  • How many hours I worked (I’m so bad at tracking this)
  • YTD Earnings

Please let me know if there’s anything you want me to include in the income reports. If it’s a general question about my finances, I’ll be happy to write a blog post on it.

The number in parenthesis will indicate the difference from the previous month

Red = Lower Than Previous Month
Green = Higher Than Previous Month
Black = Stayed the Same as Previous Month

Here’s Month 7.

July 2015: $$4,948
Last Month: 

Year-to-date (YTD): $42,710 (As of July 31)

July 2015 Earnings:

Coaching: $595
Blogademics: $910.00 ($2,000)
BRNDWCH Design Projects: $1600.00 (1,611)
Personal Branding Masterclass: $1,843

Total Gross Revenue: $4,948 ($1,333)

June 2015 Expenses:

Design Intern/Contractor: $195 ($155)
DropBox: $9.99
CoSchedule (Social media automation): $10.00
Microsoft Office: $10.71
PayPal Pro: $19.99
Basecamp: $20
Adobe Systems: $32.16
Wistia: $25
Coaching: $997
InfusionSoft (CRM System): $249
BlueHost: $23.98 ($11.99) – I’m addicted to buying domain names
GoDaddy: $17.17 ($2.00)
Macbook: $350 – Final payment, woohoo!

Total Expenses: $1,935 ($176.79)

Total Net Profit: $3,013 ($1,156) 

What I learned:

I can’t believe I survived the month of July. No one can ever say I don’t know the struggle. EVERYTHING has changed since June. When I got back from LA, everything was packed up for my move to  Atlanta. I’m grateful that my boyfriend took care of all of that while I was away. I got a pretty bad injury the night before we left Charlotte, and then I had to go to Urgent Care in Atlanta.  The antibiotics I was on made me throw up, and the Atlanta weather made my allergies horrible. It took me weeks to adjust and find structure in a new city and new living situation (sans boyfriend). Through all of the madness, it was still amazing being closer to my family.

I hopped on the Periscope wave, got 1200 followers in two weeks, and started to build on my existing brand with my sister, Mattie. I wrote about why I love Periscope so much, and I think it played a big role in my income this month. I built trust with a new audience immediately, and turned them into customers.  I launched my second passive income project at the end of the month, a personal branding masterclass, and I was SO grateful for the outcome. I generated $2k in sales (you can read about how I did it here) which allowed me to take a HUGE sigh of relief after a strenuous month.

If you’ve been following my income reports for the last couple of months, you know that I’ve been struggling with my transition from designer to full-time coach. Aside from wrapping up existing contracts, I have FINALLY made the leap to coaching full-time. I wrote about why I decided to let go of my successful design business here. My biggest takeaway from this experience is that transitioning from one business to another if JUST like leaving your full-time job for entrepreneurship. Designing for clients became an unfulfilling 9-5 that I no longer wanted to be apart of. It gave me a chance to really connect with my audience who has been wanting to take the leap, too.

Although I consider this a low month, it was amazing to generate more than 50% of my income from my coaching courses & programs instead of design. It lets me know that I’m actually on to something.


Things I need to improve on:

  • Not getting attacked by dogs
  • Creating systems, processes and structure for coaching
  • Continue writing my memoir
  • Take my health more seriously

Things I did well:

Hours worked:

I’m still horrible at tracking hours. I only worked for about 2 and a half weeks with moving and adjusting.

YTD Earnings:$42,710

What have you been working on in your business lately? I want you to set a monetary goal that scares you and aim for it! What’s your number? $1,000? $2,000? $5,000?

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