I’m not here to convince you about why Beyoncé is the biggest celebrity of our time. I’m not one to debate facts, plus that’s not what I get paid to do. But, if watching this woman doesn’t make you want to be the absolute BEST in your industry, you’re not paying attention.

In case you’ve decided to take a hiatus from reality, here’s a brief recap of what’s gone down within the last week. On Saturday, Beyoncé debuted her first single in over a year, she performed it at the Super Bowl THE VERY NEXT DAY, and announced her new tour.

That got me thinking to myself: What have YOU done in the last 72 hours?!

To put it lightly, Beyoncé’s brand is powerful. Like, $250-million-net-worth powerful. Here are three things she excels at to dominate her industry and build her empire:

1. She creates valuable content.

It’s important to remember two things about content:

  • Value depends on what’s important to YOU and YOUR audience. Beyoncé creates audio and visual content based on what she knows her fans would love.
  • Content can be entertaining OR educational. If you’re excellent at what you do, it’s usually both. Let’s not forget she came out with an entire VISUAL album in December of 2013. Who else is out there doing that?🤔

Beyoncé meticulously and consistently exceeds our expectations. EVERY time she releases something, it’s an entire experience. How can you create mind-blowing content that will have everyone on the internet talking about it for days after you’ve released it? Consider doing more than just releasing written content. Try adding YouTube videos, Periscope, podcasts, or webinars to your content strategy.

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Another thing that is important to note about Beyoncé’s content is that it’s unapologetically her. She doesn’t sing to please EVERYONE. She sings to please herself and the people that gravitate towards her authenticity. This concept is SO important when you’re trying to attract a fan base that supports you for you. “Sing” for your followers, not for everyone.

2. She has a ridiculously loyal tribe.

I can safely bet that 1 in 5 Americans is part of The BeyHive. Don’t quote me on that, but I think it’s a realistic guess. When you can label your supporters, then you know you’re for real. *ahem* Oh hey, #MayaMilitia

The coolest thing about having loyal supporters isn’t the fact that they’re ready to buy whatever you’re selling; it’s that they truly believe in you and aren’t willing to let anyone slander your name. They offer a rebuttal to negative remarks about you before you even have the chance to. Your tribe is your brand’s “ride or die” team. (Just make sure you keep them in check because your tribe can form a mind of its own that has a reflection on your reputation.)

Remember when Kid Rock made a comment saying that he didn’t understand why people worshipped Beyoncé so much? Well, the #BeyHive left bumble bee emojis all over his Instagram comments in response, which might’ve been one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!

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Building a community of supporters is about giving them an amazing experience (see point #1.) You can’t buy supporters, you have to earn them. When you create content, think about the characteristics you would want in your own tribe. Already have a thriving fan base? Give them a name!

3. She is strategic about sales.

Beyoncé dropped a single that sparked a nationwide conversation, then performed it at the Super Bowl 24 hours later just before announcing her new tour. I mean, damn. Just when you think you’re a big shot for getting the hang of webinars, Beyoncé makes you re-evaluate life.

A huge part of building your influence is using someone else’s platform to spread your message. In this case, she used the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl, which was one of the most-watched Super Bowl. broadcasts ever, with 166.0 million viewers!

Whether you like Beyoncé or not, you’ve gotta respect her game. And if you’re smart, you’ll even take notes on her strategic moves.

Real life scenario: A few weeks ago, I collaborated with my friend and colleague Caitlin Bacher to do a live webinar that had 1600+ registrants and 400+ live viewers. It was very profitable for me. I was able to generate an $5,000 in sales by using my message on someone else’s platform. Start building relationships with people who have a platform you can share your message and content on now.

Beyoncé had a message she wanted to release, and she did it on such a large, borrowed platform because she believed in it.

I know you are deeply passionate about building a business that will allow you to follow your passion and live your purpose. What if you could get YOUR message out to THOUSANDS of fans? Since transitioning from a designer to a branding coach, my platform has been growing like crazy. Yes, having more fans means having more critics, but it also means having more influence.

In 2016, I decided I’m going to PLAY BIG. But I’m not going to do it alone. It’s time for the #MayaMilitia to play big, too. It’s time for you to Beyoncé your brand. (Yes, I just made that up.)

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